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After giving birth to my daughter, everything seemed like a struggle. In those first weeks, I found myself mourning the loss of the person I was before motherhood. My confidence was shattered and I felt like I was navigating in the dark. Knowing I needed help, I walked into a postpartum support group that Katie was leading and luckily, it was just her and I in the room that day. I immediately began sobbing, so relieved to have another woman, another mother, to listen.

I began climbing out of the darkness the day I met Katie. She not only listened, but assured me that in fact I was doing everything right just by leaving the house. When my baby wouldn’t latch, she spent hours with me via lactation consultation. While I felt like a failure for not being able to easily breastfeed, she reminded me that there were two people involved in the process of breastfeeding. Both had to want to or it wouldn’t work. She did everything she could to build my confidence, to make me feel like a good mother, to make sure that I was going to be ok. After having a baby, everyone is of course concerned about the baby.

Katie was the only person I encountered who understood that the baby’s happiness and well-being was dependent upon my happiness and well-being. Today I understand that I “cannot pour form an empty cup.” Two years later, I do not know where I would be if Katie hadn’t walked into my life. She is compassion defined. My entire family owes her a debt of gratitude that cannot be replaced.

Lindsay U.


One of my greatest challenges when I became a new mom was navigating the transition of going back to work. I showed up at Katie’s working mom’s support group on the verge of tears one day, and she warmly and patiently alleviated all of my concerns, helped me (in a huge way!) with pumping and extended an open invitation to come back to the next group meeting to check in with her again.

When I returned, her kindness and genuine care for me and the process I was going through, warmed my heart in a way that went way beyond her role as a lactation consultant. Since then, I not only recognize Katie as one of my beacons of light in a difficult period, but I am also glad to be able to call her my dear friend.

Sarah S.


I had my third child, Sophia, in February of 2016. The birth was great but afterwards, she was unable to latch. I tried everything but it wasn’t working. I began to get depressed and discouraged as the weeks went on. I continued to pump and to see multiple lactation consultants. Then I met Katie.

Let me tell you, she was such a breath of fresh air! She was just what I needed at that desperate time. I walked into her office and she had such a sweet and gentle spirit about her. I immediately felt comfortable, she was so understanding and encouraging. She gave me some great tips for breastfeeding but more importantly she gave me support an encouragement, which anyone going through breastfeeding issues or postpartum so desperately craves and needs.

I am so happy to say that my daughter did finally latch at thirteen weeks and we never looked back! When other people began to doubt that it would happen, Katie was always in my corner. Now my daughter is almost two and still breastfeeding. Katie was one of the main reasons I kept at it! I am so thankful I did! I only wish I had known Katie when I struggled with postpartum with my first born but I am sure glad to have known her now and will forever be grateful for her. She is an amazing person and I’m so excited for other mamas and future mamas she is going to help! There couldn’t be a better person!

Sarah W.


Becoming a mom…. Baby proof the house, clean every room, take every class, wash all the baby clothes. When you think you waited for the time to become a mom for so long, you have prepped the best you can. Then it happens, You’re in the hospital holding your new bundle of joy and you realize you have no idea what you are doing and the panic sets in. My son couldn’t latch, I worked for hours just trying to get him the smallest bit of milk. I was exhausted and upset, feeling like a failure. That’s when I met Katie who has such an aura about her.

She worked with me for so long but more importantly made me understand that it was ok, that I needed to take care of myself and if my son needed to have formula it was ok. For the first time since I had my son I was able to breathe. Katie didn’t give up there, she made sure I could call her when I went home, she worked with me for weeks on her own time when my son still wouldn’t latch. I joined the breastfeeding support group and it was all so encouraging, nonjudgmental and supportive. She was exactly what I needed and didn’t know it.

Katie stuck by me and is truly the only reason why I continued down my breastfeeding journey. After ten weeks of pumping mixed with trying to get my son to latch, it finally happened. I continued to breastfeed my son until he was almost two. It was only possible because of Katie’s continued support and normalizing breastfeeding. When everything seemed impossible, everyone told me to stop and my hormones taking control, Katie was my rock through it all. I am truly lucky to have her in my life and as such an important part of bringing my son into this world.

Nancy K.


I met Katie when my youngest was about six months old. I was having a really hard time with postpartum depression and a friend of mine referred me to a local baby blues group, where Katie was the facilitator. Of course, I was one hundred percent reluctant to go because I was worried about what people would think of me as a mom, think that I wasn’t good enough and didn’t have it together.

My first day I was so nervous but I walked through the door and was met first by Katie. She helped me and my double stroller in and she was so warm and welcoming! She has a way of speaking with everyone, like she’s known you forever, like she’s an old friend. It was so easy to just open up… the good and the bad. It was so nice for someone to ask how I was doing without zero judgement. She would always ask if I’m taking care of myself, doing something for me. All of the focus is usually on the children that everyone (including myself) forgets about the moms.

I looked forward to our Tuesday groups to just sit and chat with Katie and the other moms there, even if it was just about how our week went. Just to be around a group of moms going through the same thing and having Katie understand and remind us that it was all one hundred percent normal and we will get through the hard times. All of that was extremely helpful through the rough patches.

Even though Katie is no longer facilitating that group, she still is always there to listen, give advice and to remind me how strong I am and how lucky my children are to have me as their mom. She has turned into a wonderful friend… I am so thankful I put my fear and pride aside and went to group that day!

Erin K.