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What MomMe Wellness Offers

Video or Phone Consults

Perfect for any consults not requiring hands-on help. Pumping questions, supply issues, simple feeding difficulties & more!

Ideal for anyone who had difficulty nursing a previous baby and wants a plan & support but doesn’t need a class.

Initial Consult

Our 1st visit to review history, assess you & your baby, address any difficulties you are having.
  • difficult or painful latch
  • sore or damaged nipples
  • engorgement, plugged ducts, or mastitis
  • concerns about supply
  • oral ties

Follow-Up Consult

Let’s meet again to assess improvements & adjust plan to get you closer to your goals

What to Expect During a Consult

Video & Phone Consults:
Schedule a date & time (if available times offered are not convenient, please call or email for a better time). You will be sent an invite to download a secure app. Please complete profile. You will receive secure email/text reminders 1 day & 1 hour prior to our scheduled video or phone meeting.

Home or office visit:
Once your initial appointment is scheduled, you will receive an appointment confirmation email. An email with access to our client portal to sign important papers and fill in vital information before our visit. Completing this information allow me more time to spend with you and your baby at our visit and not completing “paperwork”. You’ll be invited to download an app for secure messaging. I welcome & encourage any questions, concerns, or successes after our visit.

During your consult:

  • We will examine you and assess your supply. Please remember to bring your personal pump and any accessories you may be using during a feeding.
  • We will examine your baby, including an oral exam and suck assessment.
  • You can expect to feed your baby during your visit and have your baby’s weight checked before & after feeding.
  • You may be given recommendations or assistance with nursing technique and positioning.

After your consult:

  • You will be emailed a detailed plan of care & feeding, including any links to appropriate resources. Also included, at your request, will be a medically coded invoice that you can submit to insurance for possible reimbursement.
  • A professional report of consult & plan will be faxed/emailed to any providers (pediatrician or obstetrician etc.) at your request.
  • All consults can be paid using FSA (Flex Spending Accounts) or HSA (Health Savings Accounts).
  • We accept all credit cards.
  • Gift Certificates are also available. Consider putting our services on your baby registry. 

Insurance & Lactation Services:

  • We are partnered with Lactation Network for insurance payments. Please follow link to verify insurance. Enter MomMe Wellness as LC requesting info. No need to wait until after you have baby to verify. You can submit info before delivery.
  • What if I get notified “I am out of network”? Please know that most insurance companies do not have “in-network” Lactation Consultants. Here is some helpful info explaining why
  • At your request, I can provide a medically coded invoice for possible reimbursement for our fees. Please, as always, do not let financial concerns prevent you from seeking help. Payment plans are available. 
  • You will feel supported knowing we are more accessible via phone, messaging, or email than traditional medical facilities. or pediatrician offices.  

Gift Certificates Available!

Consider adding this to your baby registry and set yourself up for a supported transition into parenthood!

What our amazing moms have to say:

Upcoming Breastfeeding Classes & Support Groups

  • Wednesday Evening Breastfeeding Support Group
    6:30 - 8pm
  • Saturday Morning Breastfeeding Support Group
    10:00am - 12pm

View all MomMe Wellness classes & events here.

Maternal Milk Supply Support


Do you have more milk that meets your baby’s needs? Do you want to donate?

All donors must be screened by Mothers Milk Bank of Western Great Lakes. Once the screening process is complete and you are issued a donor number, you can drop off your milk at our office.

Please call 815.893.0411 to schedule a convenient drop off time and to ensure we have room to accept your donation. 

For more info on becoming a donor:

Pasteurized Human Donor Milk

Does your baby need supplemental milk while you are initiating or encouraging your supply?

We are proud to be partnered with Mother’s Milk Bank of Western Great Lakes in offering Pasteurized Human Donor Milk for purchase. For more info on PHDM visit

Please note that we do not have regular “store hours” and we are by appointment only.

Please call 815.893.0411 to schedule a time to purchase needed milk. After hours and weekend times are available.

Pump Rental / Galactagogues

Sometimes a personal electric pump may not be ideal to support or initiate a good/adequate milk supply.

We are proud to be a rental depot for Medela Symphony Breast pump.

Weekly rate $30
Monthly rate $75

*Rental Rate does not include personal pumping kit available for purchase. 

Even though the best way to initiate and maintain a good supply is through frequent and efficient emptying of breasts, some moms find using galactagogues helpful. We also offer GoLacta  & Legendairy products for purchase.

Who I Am

Katie Olson, IBCLC and Family - MomMe Wellness - Lactation Consultant - Crystal Lake, Illinois

Hi, I’m Katie Olson, RN, IBCLC, PMH-C and proud owner of MomMe Wellness.

I am originally from New York, where I worked as a Labor & Delivery Nurse. In effort to better support the comfort of my laboring moms, I became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) certified in pregnancy & labor massage.

I moved to Illinois in 1997. I was a nurse for 10 years before I had my first son. I had worked in all areas of maternity and was pretty confident I knew what to expect… I didn’t.

I struggled with breastfeeding (dreading each feeding for the pain I felt), sleeping, or soothing my fussy baby. It made me doubt everything! I went from being a confident, capable nurse to a mom who thought her baby deserved a better mom.

It scared me. It changed me.

I would have 2 more baby boys and I gained more confidence with each one. I went back to work with more compassion & determination to make sure moms in my care heard what I needed to hear. I became an IBCLC to ensure moms had correct information & skilled help, as opposed to personal opinions & experiences.

I believe you are ALL your baby needs, but I remind you of your needs and that you are worthy of being cared for. I support you, where you are in your journey, so that you can care for your baby with confidence!

I am honest with outcomes, nurturing with some irony & humor thrown in. I focus on your total well-being (relationships with partner & family) and foster connections with other moms & professionals in our community. 

I am an advocate for maternal mental heath. I am a volunteer for Postpartum Support International. I am dedicated to increasing awareness and access to resources for families experiencing Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD’s). This is a topic I mention in all of my classes, consults, & groups. It should never be associated with fear or shame, you are welcome here.

MomMe Wellness started as a “what if” daydream while walking the halls of my last position as a hospital-based IBCLC. My personal frustrations with the care I was providing made me imagine this space.

This space was created with the care & comfort of what new moms need & deserve in mind! I left a secure, paid position to create this space. It is not just a business. It is my passion and my honor to join you on your journey of motherhood!

Additional Lactation Information

What is an IBCLC?

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is considered the gold standard for lactation care & infant feeding.

We are healthcare professionals who meet required education & training standards before qualifying to take the certification exam. We are specialized in the clinical management of breastfeeding. Continuing education is a vital part of maintaining certification & being current in our field. 

What is PMH-C?

In an effort to help families seeking quality care & support with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD’s), Postpartum Support International identified the need for a credential/certification. This credential helps families identify providers that have actual training, experience and a commitment in their care of families experiencing a PMAD.

Here’s more information about: PMAD’sClimb Out of the Darkness.

Are you a provider needing effective PMAD solutions? MomMe Wellness can help! Learn more here.

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