Remember the Mother in Motherhood

The Reality of Becoming a Mom

The physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and childbirth can be difficult and overwhelming. Our vision at MomMe Wellness is to provide a comforting space for ALL Moms to find a community of support. We believe that by nurturing a Mom, all around her benefit, especially her baby.

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Why Choose MomMe Wellness?

We are professionally trained and experienced in caring for new Moms and babies.

We can assist you in achieving your feeding goals with expert lactation help and support.

We listen to your concerns and anxieties and enable you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

We combine aspects of traditional medicine and holistic therapies.

We promote self care modalities to help with stress and anxiety.

Our focus is always on the “Mother” in Motherhood.

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What Our Mom's Have to Say

“Katie was the only person I encountered who understood that the baby’s happiness and well-being was dependent upon my happiness and well-being. Two years later, I do not know where I would be if Katie hadn’t walked into my life. She is compassion defined. My entire family owes her a debt of gratitude that cannot be replaced.”

Lindsay U

“Katie's kindness and genuine care for me and the process I was going through, warmed my heart in a way that went way beyond her role as a lactation consultant. Since then, I not only recognize Katie as one of my beacons of light in a difficult period, but I am also glad to be able to call her my dear friend.”

Sarah S

“I only wish I had know Katie when I struggled with postpartum with my first born but I am sure glad to have known her now and will forever be grateful for her. She is an amazing person and I’m so excited for other mamas and future mamas she is going to help! There couldn’t be a better person!”

Sara W

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